Dart-ing behind a proxy

I just started looking at Dart and ran in a trouble that may concern other developers. While testing the base tutorial (clickme webapp) provided by the Dart guys, I got an error:

Pub install failed, 
[1] Resolving dependencies... Got socket error trying to find package "browser" at https://pub.dartlang.org

Of course the app was not working, because pub could not resolve the one dependency of this sample project.

This was due to a proxy in my company. The big problem is that Dart Editor does not provide (in M4 at least) a way to configure a proxy. The solution is to run pub manually because it will take into account your env variables. Here is how to do it:

First, the pub server is behing HTTPS and there is a bug (filled here) that will cause https request to fail whatever your configuration is so we will have to use HTTP.

Be sure you have your HTTP_PROXY environment variable defined to your proxy and then go to the hosted_srouce.dart file located here:


Look for the final variable called _defaultUrl (line 155) and change https to http

final _defaultUrl = "http://pub.dartlang.org";

Now go to your clickme root dir in a terminal and run

pub install

The dependency should be resolved and you can now run you app from Dart Editor.

Published: April 22 2013

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